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Song of Myself
Poem assignment. Jan 6, 2011. :)

Song of Myself

I taste freedom, I am free,
And what I imagine makes me beautiful,
And what I can do makes it happen, the way I want it to.

Eyes stare me down and make me feel small, powerless, and vulnerable,
Questioning my abilities, testing my strengths,
They judge me as much as I judge myself.

My eyes tell my story, my lips never speak, my ears fail to listen,
My eyes see all, as clear as you see me eyes.

Visions penetrate my mind and retire just as quickly,
But only my hands can construct, design, form, create,
Yet they are instruments that concoct my originality onto a simple piece of parchment,
Yet they are weapons that sabotage all others  in their path.

All my emotions are exposed,
For my lips cannot keep sealed, when my words are undesirable,
For my eyes replenish tears that are not meant to be seen.

I am a free-spirit, a flightless, blissful, gentle feathered beast,
An individual, a child, a creature of God, a mortal,
I have the heart of a stallion and the wings of bird.

Blunt and ruthless induces my demise,
Which induces the need for disconnection, leaving me prone to more distress,
But I behave as if impenetrable.

There is faith and bravery that only God can convey,
And confiding in God is all that gives me hope.

I have broken hearts and have seen hearts shatter,
Mine has been corrupted and crippled in seconds, countless times,
As fragile as it is, it is always repaired,
But there is no ceasing the heartache from returning.

People envisage me as this hallow shell,
Because my desires remain restrained,
My voice is screaming, but it is too thick to be heard,
It will not surface unless admitted by my fears.

I adore the laughter of children, so naïve, yet so simple of a life they acquire,
While I stand on edge as everything hinders me from moving forward,
While I allow others to influence me to turn back to the place of the unfamiliar,
This is the place I fear the most, for I am lost in the fog the minute I pass through.

I was birthed to deliver new life into God’s holy kingdom,
To mold His world into what He believed it should be.
I am merely a servant, but a devoted one.


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