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Unlocking the Truth...It opens & closes, but is never truely closed....

It's ALWAYS open, even if your eyes can't see it....

Re-Reading Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick! Epic Story! Excitement for Silence (release: Oct. 4th)!
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Favorite Quote from Crescendo (just a little something to convince book-addicts to read the series!) *SPOILER ALERT!!!* :

"If you showed me, you'd have to kill me?" I guessed, fighting the urge to feel irritated. "Once I'm inside, I can never leave?"

Patch studied me a moment. Then he reached into his pocket, twisted a key off his key chain, and slipped it into the front pocket of my pajama top.

"Once you've gone inside, you have to keep coming back."

-<3 Becca Fitzpatrick, Crescendo

Hey fellow friends and bloggers! If you haven't read Lauren DeStefano's WITHER, you definitely should! Her new book in the series is coming out!!!! And this is a REALLY special giveaway. One of a kind... haha kind of a pun if you read what she wrote. *blush*

Here's the link!

Good luck to everyone! Congrats to the winners! This is too exciting. Legitimately Epic. NO DOUBT! ;) <3 <3

Bookplate Giveaway Signed and Personalized Lauren DeStefano!!!!
 Hey guys!
Just thought I'd give word about an amazing giveaway from Lauren DeStefano and Simon & Schuster! Five winners and the contest ends July 18th @ 11:31 AM. Good luck! Here's the link to enter! :) 


Good Choice Reading GIVEAWAYS!!!!!!!!!! :D
Hey guys!

Just thought I'd announce that there is an amazing amount of giveaways from Good Choice Reading's blog! There's one for Maggie Stiefvater's new book FOREVER and THE SCORPIO RACES! One for a SIGNED copy of PASSION by Lauren Kate! And finally an Interview + Giveaway with author Zoe Winters! (Must be 18 years or older for last giveaway to enter). 

You can enter here!

Good luck (if you enter) and congrats to the winners!

Peace, Love, and More Love!
-rainkissedleaf♥ :)

Song of Myself
Poem assignment. Jan 6, 2011. :)

Song of Myself

I taste freedom, I am free,
And what I imagine makes me beautiful,
And what I can do makes it happen, the way I want it to.

Eyes stare me down and make me feel small, powerless, and vulnerable,
Questioning my abilities, testing my strengths,
They judge me as much as I judge myself.

My eyes tell my story, my lips never speak, my ears fail to listen,
My eyes see all, as clear as you see me eyes.

Visions penetrate my mind and retire just as quickly,
But only my hands can construct, design, form, create,
Yet they are instruments that concoct my originality onto a simple piece of parchment,
Yet they are weapons that sabotage all others  in their path.

All my emotions are exposed,
For my lips cannot keep sealed, when my words are undesirable,
For my eyes replenish tears that are not meant to be seen.

I am a free-spirit, a flightless, blissful, gentle feathered beast,
An individual, a child, a creature of God, a mortal,
I have the heart of a stallion and the wings of bird.

Blunt and ruthless induces my demise,
Which induces the need for disconnection, leaving me prone to more distress,
But I behave as if impenetrable.

There is faith and bravery that only God can convey,
And confiding in God is all that gives me hope.

I have broken hearts and have seen hearts shatter,
Mine has been corrupted and crippled in seconds, countless times,
As fragile as it is, it is always repaired,
But there is no ceasing the heartache from returning.

People envisage me as this hallow shell,
Because my desires remain restrained,
My voice is screaming, but it is too thick to be heard,
It will not surface unless admitted by my fears.

I adore the laughter of children, so naïve, yet so simple of a life they acquire,
While I stand on edge as everything hinders me from moving forward,
While I allow others to influence me to turn back to the place of the unfamiliar,
This is the place I fear the most, for I am lost in the fog the minute I pass through.

I was birthed to deliver new life into God’s holy kingdom,
To mold His world into what He believed it should be.
I am merely a servant, but a devoted one.

Writer's Block: What I'm Reading This Summer.
Which summer read will be in your beach bag?

Please... way too many books to love/have, way too many books to leave out. ;)
Can't have more than just one....

Writer's Block: Front and Center
What summer concert would you love to watch from the front row?

Paramore. :) ♥

Writer's Block: Sunday in the park with ____?
If you could hang out with any fictional character for a whole day, who would you choose, and why?

*Gasp!* There are WAY too many! XD Well, I guess I have a list (*hee hee*) :
Alice and Jasper- because I love them! they are the cutest, sweetest, and coolest couple (I think) in the Twilight Saga. :)
Fang-...Well, I'm sure I don't have to explain that one, for those of you who are Fang lovers as well. ;D
Emmett Cullen- He'll definitely make me laugh and love him for all eternity... oh, wait. He already does! ;D
Damon and Ever (The Immortals Series)- They're really cool and I think I'd want to hang out with them, and they can  teach me some cool magic stuff!!!! XD

Writer's Block: My Home Improvement To-Do List
Do you have a running list of things you want to fix or improve around your house? What are the top-three home-improvement projects on your to-do list?

3.)Maybe clean my room...?
2.) Clean my room...?
1.)ACTUALLY clean my room.

Writer's Block: Back pat
What are the three proudest moments of your life so far, and why?

3.) Actually getting an art project done RIGHT on time. (Lol)
2.)Doing a QUADROOPLE pirouette ON POINTE and 6 in jazz while I was improving in jazz! XD
1.)Getting the most amazing offer ever! Hopefully it will pay off in the long run! We'll see! :)